Ensedo comes from Amado Services  AG, a company which  was founded in 2002 as engineering services company. In 2007 Amado divided the documentation area into a independent company. This process was finalized in 2008 with a name change from Amado to Ensedo.

Our goal is to be the preferred supplier of engineering services for aerospace industries companies, prime contractors, and/or other engineering companies as required to best meet the needs of a particular project. Engineering services are concept-neutral, best-in-class, and present an attractive option to all companies pursuing or executing large and small projects.

We operate a quality management system compliant with the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2003.

The system ensures that work is carried out to an approved and recognized system of quality. This includes contract reviews, design controls, document and data controls, purchasing, process controls, inspections and testing, handling, storage and packaging, quality records controls and trainings.